UV Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical disinfection. Used in recreational, industrial and municipal water applications; it’s one of the most effective methods for deactivating harmful pathogens such as Listeria, E.coli, Giardia and more. It also deactivates chlorine tolerant pathogens like Cryptosporidium.

With a reference list containing so many prestigious facilities, you know we are doing something right. We have UV systems installed on 800 gallon spas to pools exceeding one-million gallons and everything in between.

We’ve installed systems at YMCA’s, community centers, high schools, colleges and universities, spraypads, therapy centers, hotels, retirement communities, waterparks – even outdoor pools.

Below you’ll find a sampling of our extremely satisfied clients ranging from small community pools to Division 1 powerhouses. There really is no reason to purchase from anyone but If It’s Water.

An investment of thousands of dollars in a UV system manufactured by Brand X does you no good if replacement lamps are shipped from overseas with a 6-week lead time.

Or you may save a few bucks buying a cheaper unit from the local pool guy, but you’ll have egg on your face when downtime is greater than its runtime because the local guy can’t service it.

EVERY MEMBER of our staff is factory trained and certified on our entire line-up of UV systems. We stock enough spare parts in our Downingtown, PA facility to build a unit from scratch.

In the rare event we don’t have an item in our inventory, we can get it quickly from the manufacturer as our UV units are made in the USA. Not Europe, not China – Wisconsin and Georgia.

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