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Activated Filter Material (AFM)

What is AFM? AFM® stands for Activated Filter Material, a revolutionary filter media made from green glass developed and manufactured by Dryden Aqua.

AFM® exceeds the performance of quartz and glass sand by filtering about 30 % more organics.

AFM® is bio-resistant and self-sterilizing which means no biofilm is formed in the filter bed.

This important feature makes the pool system healthier, ecological and more economical.

AFM® has successfully been used in over 100,000public and private swimming pools worldwide.

AFM® is manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 standards and is a filter material certified under European standards for swimming pools and drinkingwater, NSF50 and NSF61.

AFM® is a registered trademark and is exclusively made by Dryden Aqua.

The patented 3 step manufacturing process electrically charges the surface of every grain to produce a filter media that is chemically and electro-mechanically active.

Stops bacteria adhesion, growth and Bio-film formation

  • Generates Oxidation Potential at the grain surface
  • Self sterilizing, Bio-resistant
  • Drastically reduces tri-chloramines formed in the filter
  • Electrostatically Adsorbs Organics and fine particles
  • Particles never touch the grain surface
  • 300 X more active surface area than sand
  • Improved filtration – Improved backwash

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