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Flow Meters – Blue White Digital Flowmeters

Saddle Mount – F1000 Series

The carefully engineers Digi-Flo F-1000 series provides the performance and features of electronic meters without the eliectrical hookup. The F-1000RB is a battery powered meter requiring two standard “AAA” batteries, which last about a year. Mounting directly to the pipe with the supplied saddle fitting the F-10000RB has an easy to read LCD display and comes factory calibrated – no programming necessary.

Saddle Mount with Remote Display – F2000 Series

Like the F-1000 series, the F-2000 series is a saddle mount digital flowmeter. The primary difference is the display head can be installed in an easy-to-read location because it’s supplied with 25’ of cable. It is an ideal solution for overhead pipes.

Flow Meters – Blue White Rotameters

F3000 series

The F-3000 series flowmeter is ideal for recirculation lines or backwash lines. This flowmeter is made of heavy duty machined acrylic with the flow scale permanently printed onto the body. The F-3000 series is installed directly into horizontal piping and is supplied with two stainless steel clamps.

F450 Series

The F-450 series flowmeter is a vertical inline flowmeter available in ¾” size and is an ideal solution for measuring flow through tablet feeders. The polysulfone meter body contains a 316L stainless steel rod guided float with an easy to read scale.

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