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Traditional Salt Generators

Converting your swimming pool to a salt chlorination-based salt water swimming pool is a wise move. Salt (or saline) chlorination utilizes technology to sanitize your swimming pool water rather than using traditional chlorine. This safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution is used extensively in the residential (backyard) swimming pool market (over 70% of these pools use salt chlorination). As a result, salt water swimming pool systems have become very popular in the commercial and institutional swimming pool markets as well.

ChlorKing®’s patented system is simple, easy to use, and will provide years of trouble free operation ensuring your pool water remains well sanitized and sparkling clear.

Our line-up of commercial salt generators produce chlorine “on-site” within the pool’s circulation system. Systems operate using the salinity in the water to produce hypochlorous acid. Because salt is continuously recycled during this process, the only salt makeup required is when water is lost due to backwashing or splash out.

Key Features

  • Salt water pools are very bather friendly
  • Saline chlorination reduces or eliminates the storage of hazardous chemicals (chlorine). No need for the delivery, handling or storage of chlorine compounds
  • Saline chlorination is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Go green while you save some green
  • Our saline systems carry both NSF 50 listing and UL 1081 certification
  • Residential salt generators work great on residential pools. We’ve seen they can keep with the heavy demand required of commercial installations
  • We have a line-up of systems to fit virtually any size pool or spa
  • These systems are easy to install and will work easily with your present equipment
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach delivery locations

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