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PoolWarden Single/Dual Pool Chemical Controller

The PoolWarden is a water chemistry control system with capabilities to control the pH, sanitizer, and temperature on up to two bodies of water at the same time. For each pool, the PoolWarden includes a pH relay and an ORP relay supplying the input voltage when on, along with 2 auxiliary dry-contact relays that can be used to control a heater and a backup sanitizer (when the primary sanitizer is a salt system). Water measurements are taken continuously while PoolWarden’s internal relay programing determines if chemical adjustments are needed. Energy management is supported by providing two set points per day for heater control. With optional gold ORP probes and TrueDPD Colorimetric sensors, the PoolWarden is ideal for saltwater pools & spas.

Key Features

  • Available for 1 or 2 pool control (4 or 8 relays)
  • pH (Acid or Base) and ORP (Sanitizer) Control
  • Proportional feed & precision programming allow for precise chemical control
  • Programmable set points, mixing times, On delay
  • ORP Calibration can be disabled
  • Cyanuric Acid Compensation Offset
  • Supports On and Off mixing times
  • Manual control On and Off modes
  • Plug & Play Accessories
  • All relays disable for 1 hour when servicing pool
  • 1 Button access for calibrating/manual control
  • 1 Button shortcuts for basic setting adjustment
  • 4 Security Passwords, with 3 Levels
  • Lockable Enclosure
  • Manual entry of PPM, hardness, cyanuric acid, and alkalinity for Langelier saturation index
  • Daily overfeed protection and set point overfeed protection

Plus Version Adds Linux to the Mix

  • Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Android communication app via Bluetooth
  • Optional Bluetooth printer
  • Browser communication with Internet connection
  • More Options, Simplified Operation
  • Operation Via Smartphone, Tablet, or PC
  • Downloadable software upgrades, field upgradable

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