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Blu-Sentinel™ SE Chemical Controllers

Online process analyzer for the measurement and control of disinfectant concentration in Aquatics applications

The Blu-Sentinel™ SE controller measures pool water free chlorine concentration, temperature, ORP, conductivity and pH values, and consists of a pressurised flow cell, accommodating up to four sensors and state of the art electronics.

A complete pool water management system, the Blu-Sentinel chemical controller incorporates pool water treatment features such as shock chlorination, economic mode operation as well as the CEDOX control algorithm. The controller supports all chemical feed applications commonly found in pool water treatment such as dosing pumps or relay control feeders, chlorine gas feed control, on-site electrochlorination system operation as well as a control signal to UV systems, flocculation and/or activated carbon slurry feed systems.

Key Features

  • 4 disinfection parameters: free chlorine, ORP, pH and temperature
  • Integrated web views: visualization and operation from up to four pools via web enabled devices and standard browsers
  • 4” color touch screen for truly intuitive operation
  • Robust Strantrol® HRR/pH probes
  • LED-backlit flow cell for quick status inication
  • Switch between ORP and free chlorine for control as desired
  • Ethernet communication


  • Assures crystal clear pool and spa water 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Cuts chemical costs up to 30%
  • Extends life of pool surface, heater, and other mechanical equipment
  • Custom flowcell body for better sensor sampling, long sensor life

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