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Harmsco Cartridge Filters

HarmscoBetterfilters provide sparkling clean water and save energy and space. Betterfilters are constructed of low carbon T-316 stainless steel, electro-chemically polished to deliver a ten-year, pro-rated warranty.

Harmsco filters install quickly and easily, require no costly waste disposal systems, and come ready for use with Harmsco’s reusable SuperTuf/6 Polyester-plus cartridges for maximum operating performance and a long service life.

Key Features

  • T-316 Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Epoxy coating available for salt water applications.
  • NSF Certified for use in Pool or Spa/Hot Tub.
  • Available in 7 different models with flow rates ranging from 63 gpm to 450 gpm.
  • Multiple tanks can be installed in series for larger pools.
  • No backwashing required. Ideal solution for high-rise pools or installations that have limited sanitary waste facilities.
  • Requires very little space or footprint.


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