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Stenner Feed Pumps

The perfect pump to use with our automatic chemical controller, these pumps are available in 50 Gallon Per Day (GPD), 85 GPD, and 170 GPD configurations. Additionally, by simply changing the feed tube you can easily change your pumps output capacity. See the output charts for specifications.


  • We’ve tried all different makes of chemical feed pumps, but none have come close to matching the Stenner pump for its innovative design, durability, exceptional field record and simplicity
  • We sell thousands of these pumps each year. Their track record is impressive
  • If It’s Water is a factory authorized service center for Stenner pumps
  • If It’s Water maintains a huge inventory of all pumps, accessories, and replacement parts

Helpful Hints

  • Ensure your tubing runs and injection points are clear of mineral deposits
  • Replace pump tubes twice a year
  • These pumps are so inexpensive, that we recommend you keep a spare pump on the shelf. As reliable as these pumps are – don’t they always seem to fail the Friday night of July 4th weekend?
  • Size your pump for your pool – call us for assistance
  • Once per year, send your pump to If It’s Water for factory authorized service. Our technicians will inspect your pump, replacec worn parts, lubricate the gears and shaft assembly, and install a new tube. This inexpensive preventative maintenance usually can be accomplished within 24 hours
  • When replacing pump tubes:
    • Always rinse off and wipe chemicals, residue, and debris from the pump head components before replacing the tube
    • Inspect the pump head components for cracks. Ensure that the rollers are spinning freely.
    • Tighten the suction/discharge connecting nuts (finger tight only)
    • Use caution when disconnecting the suction/discharge lines when changing the tube or the tube housing as they may contain hazardous chemicals. Loosen connection nut to relieve residual pressure on the discharge “OUT” pump tube
    • Always wear proper protective safety equipment when performing maintenance on chemical metering pumps


  • Self priming/retains prime
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Inexpensive and durable – in one product
  • Output can be changed by simply replacing the feed tube. See output tables for specifications
  • Chemical does not come in contact with the pump or any pump parts
  • Adjustable and fixed rate models to choose from
  • Keep it simple, silly.
  • Outputs ranging from 0.3 GPD to 170 GPD
  • Use your Stenner pump to feed chlorine, acid, or enzymes

Adjustable pumps are ideal for conditions where manual control is required. The patented mechanical feed rate control allows the pump’s output to be scaled from 5% to 100% with a simple turn of the dial. Consult output charts for specific settings.

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