CO2 Feed Units

The Trident CO2 Injection System utilizes a high-quality diffuser that injects small CO2 bubbles into the system ensuring efficiency and cost effective operation.

Fast Facts

  • If It’s Water is very proud of the fact that we were one of the early pioneers using CO2 as a safe alternative to acid over 20 years ago. We have installed over 2,000 units to date without a single accident reported
  • When dissolved in water, carbon dioxide reacts to form a carbonic acid nd other reactive compounds. These react with alkaline solutions to reduce the pH to a more desired level. It’s that simple, and that safe.
  • CO2 allows you to control your pool’s pH safely. No handling of acid, no mixing or pouring of chemicals, no safety equipment required, no eyewash stations and no fumes! CO2 will not corrode your mechanical room equipment the way acid will.
  • CO2, because it increases total alkalinity, is an ideal solution for facilities where the source water has low alkalinity.
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